The Wild West Project

Jason Brezinski

33142 Marina Vista
Dana Point, CA, 92629

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This was the first project I designed. The Wild West was a 10 part Ken Burns style documentary; talking heads interspersed with actors reading over panandscan photos. We fit 5 episodes, heavily edited, on each of the two CDROMs of the product.
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This is the opening screen of each disc. I placed the title of each episode roughly where it was most relevant to the episode; for instance, the episode about Indians dealt a lot with the Indians of the Northern Plains.
I came at the design of The Wild West CDROM as a recently escaped history graduate student. With my experiences in grad school so fresh in my mind, I approached the design project from the point of view of a student. I put in an index for each episode, envisioning a student wanting to quickly get to a specific piece of information. When the user select a heading in that list, the video would jump to the relevant section of the episode.
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This was my design for the integration of other content in the project. We got raw music files from the producers of the documentary. I researched and found the lyrics to the songs. The titles for the songs of each episode showed up in the window to the right of the piano player. Clicking on a song caused the audio for that song to play and the lyric sheets, the second screen up there, to appear.

Effective Engineering

The Wild West