Jason Brezinski: Writer

Role Playing Games

I’ve been playing tabletop roleplaying games since I was about 12 (aka a LONG time ago). Started out with D&D (Blue Box Represent!). That when I began to to make my own adventures, all those rooms and corridors laid out and numbered on graph paper, filled with traps and monsters and treasure. You know the kind of thing: 2 Bugbears AC:4 HD:3 HP: 12 armed with glaives, etc. That’s what Under Yar Tashmak is, updated for the computer age.

Been playing and writing adventures ever since then. Traveller and other SF RPGS, Cyberpunk, Call of Cthulu and other horror RPGs. That’s what The God That Rots is, modern occult horror, statted for a couple of different systems.

Experimental systems, homebrew systems. That’s what The Brain Of Dr. Zarkon is, 1920s pulp in a very rules lite system.

Crunchy. Rules lite. I don’t care. If it’s an interesting concept, I’ve written and run adventures for it.

Jason Brezinski

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The God That Rots

In today's world, things are beginning to go bad and the investigators will begin to realize that all the signs point to The God That Rots.

Under Yar Tashmak

Fungal monstrosities dwell Under Yar Tashmak.

The Brains of Dr. Zarkon

In a weird 1920s, pulp adventurers need to find out why Dr. Zarkon is stealing the brains of living scientists.