Jason Brezinski: Writer


Started to get interested in writing screenplays back in college. The least said about that first attempt, the better. Then, many years later, Steve, a co-worker at a warehouse job and I started to collaborate on one of his ideas. The learning curve was steep for me but writing with Steve, I was able to quickly improve my writing. We worked on two scripts together.

I learned a lot from working with Steve and one of the most important things that I learned was how to make writing a collaborative effort. I’d touched on that skill back in the dot.com days, doing design work, but this was closer and more immediate. And it’s a skill that has come in very handy when working with the artist on my graphic novels.

Two of the scripts below I did on my own, the third was done with a collaborator.

Jason Brezinski

33142 Marina Vista
Dana Point, CA, 92629

(310) 387-9522

Fangs of the S.S.

Fangs of the S.S. is a story of WW2 - Weird War 2. Golems vs Vampires during the North African campaign.

Weapon Squad Zero

Weapon Squad Zero is another name for the Special Forces monster hunters. They're called in when there's an outbreak of zombie supersoldiers in an underground lab.

La Pistola

La Pistola is a scavenger surviving in a post-apocalyptic landscape.