Here are some samples of my script writing.

The Adventures of Snëk and Blök are two short scripts I wrote in a screenwriting class. Weapon Squad Zero started out as a novel and then I decided that the story would work best as a screenplay. La Pistola is a webseries I co-wrote with Chris Brandt, who also did the storyboards.

Jason Brezinski

33142 Marina Vista
Dana Point, CA, 92629

(310) 387-9522

The Adventures of Snëk and Blök

In an anime far future, Snëk and Blök are robot private investigators, bringing criminals to bloody, bloody justice.

Weapon Squad Zero

Led by Captain Laura Sanchez, Weapon Squad Zero are the JSOC Monster Hunters. When things go very very wrong in a military lab conducting experiments in the reamination of dead soldiers, Weapon Squad Zero is called in. What they find there is much more hideous than rampaging zombie supersoldiers.

La Pistola

A long time ago, something bad happened and it broke the world. In her ride, shooter at her side, La Pistola travels through the ruined world, fighting monsters, tangling with cults, and, maybe, someday, finding her way home.