Graphic Novels

I’ve always been writing. Always. If I’m not writing, I’m pissed at myself for not writing. Over time, my discipline and creativity and skills have really grown, each feeding on each other. I write more, I get better at it, and I get better and carving out the time to sit down and write, which means I write more. And so on.

And the ideas never stop coming. I have pages of notes and ideas in all different genres. Below are two examples.

Jason Brezinski

33142 Marina Vista
Dana Point, CA, 92629

(310) 387-9522

Sails of Blood

The Carribbean: the 1690s
Jacob van Ritter’s a Vampire Pirate Alchemist.  His girlfriend, Marielle, is the captain of her own pirate ship, the Damballah. She’s a Zombie. The ladies with the swords and guns are a kill team of combined wet work squads from the Puritan Witchfinders and the Catholic Inquisition.

Hard Light

Hard Light is a 100 page science fiction graphic novel featuring squid commandos, hallucinating space Tibetans, and a scientist who's willing to blow up entire solar systems.

Click to read the first issue of Sails of Blood.

Art by Ozzy Longoria, Mike Nelsen, and Marco Najera.
Click to read the first issue
of Hard Light.


Art by Chris Brandt