Babylon 5

This originally appeared in The Official Guide to Babylon 5, a CDROM. It's a description of one of the alien races that appeared on the TV show.

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The Gaim

Government: Monarchy. Portions of N'chak'fah, the Nest, are controlled by six Gaim Queens. Each have control over specific territories. In the past, the Queens have competed against each other, however, open war has lessened since a Narn invasion that was defeated by a combination of the ferocity of Gaim warriors and the ferocious environment of N'chak'fah. After the invasion, the Gaim Queens came to the realization not only that there were other races in the universe but that isolationism was not to their benefit.
N'chak'fah is a planet with a thick atmosphere that had kept the Gaim from developing astronomy or space flight. Faced with an outside threat, the Queens broke off all but minimal economic cold warfare among themselves and decided to gather information about the potential threats from alien governments. When the consensus was reached that contact with other races was necessary, the Gaim Queens consciously manipulated the genetic materials in their eggs to achieve a specific class of Gaim. For the first time in their planet's history, the Gaim Queens collectively combined their genetic samples to produce an ambassador class Gaim, to represent the entire species and all of the Queens. When it was noticed that so many of the alien races were bipedal, they designed their ambassadors to be likewise. Physically, the ambassador Gaim are not representative of the homeworld Gaim.

gaimSociety: The apex of Gaim society is the Queen. Since a Gaim is obedient to its Queen on a genetic level, both rebellion and disobedience are physically impossible unless induced chemically. Lower level Gaim can be induced to change their allegiance from one Queen to another when exposed to certain airborne chemicals. Pheromone war is a standard component of Gaim cold war tactics.
As Gaim society is task oriented, each Gaim is genetically designed for a specific task. Even the Queens are designed by their predecessors. Gaim society ranges from very intelligent, completely autonomous, multi-talented advisors to the Queen to non-intelligent bio-mechanical worker drones.
There is no advancement in Gaim society since the function of Gaim workers and drones does not change. Rewards for a task well done is chemical enhancements. Gaim are designed to feel pleasure when a task is done well, fear when a failure occurs.

Religion: The Gaim have no religion.

Military: Gaim ground forces, the warrior drones, are of the fiercest, toughest soldiers among the known races. Like all Gaim, they're genetically engineered for specific military tasks. The Gaim Queens have taken to hiring out troops and advisors as mercenaries.
Due to the relatively new discovery of other races, the Gaim have only a few spaceships: repoed Centauri cruisers, Markab scavenge picked up on the open market, and obsolete Brakiri freighters. However, they are investing heavily in up-to-date warships and the infrastructure necessary for native orbital ship yards.

Technology: The Gaim are leaders in the biological sciences. Not only can the Queens manipulate Gaim genetic material, they can produce drones that can manipulate alien genetic material. The top imports from N'chak'fah are biological computers, drugs, and bio-weaponry. The Gaim hardware industry lags behind quite a bit.

Colonies: The Gaim have no colonies.